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PCG Workshop


Organising Committee

M Charity

M Charity is a PhD student in the Game Innovation Lab at New York University Tandon, advised by Dr. Julian Togelius. Their research focuses on online collaborative creative content generation systems and on creative mixed-initiative systems. Their work explores how AI and humans can work and learn together to create and design better content that they would individually. Their previous works include the Baba is Y'all website, the Aesthetic Bot Twitter bot, and the 5$ model. They have published at venues such as CoG, FDG and AIIDE, co-organized the 2021 EXAG workshop, and hosted the first Keke AI Competition at CoG 2022.

Bahar Bateni

Bahar Bateni is a PhD student at the Augmented Design Lab, Computational Media Department at University of California, Santa Cruz. Her research field is Procedural Content Generation in Games. She has previously worked on Context-sensitive WaveFunctionCollapse and using transformers for generating road networks.

Jean-Baptiste Hervé

Jean-Baptiste HERVÉ is a Ph.D. student in the Adaptive Systems Research Group, at University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Their research field is Procedural Content Generation, focusing on automated evalutation and player’s experience. They are also co-organizing of the Generative Design in Minecraft Competition.

Programme Committee

  • Alexander Zook
  • Anurag Sarkar
  • Asiiah Song
  • Bedrich Benes
  • Cameron Browne
  • Daniel Karavolos
  • Diego Liebana
  • Fernando Silva
  • Gabriella Barros
  • Georgios Yannakakis
  • Gorm Lai
  • Isaac Karth
  • Jacob Schrum
  • Jim Whitehead
  • Jose Font
  • Lisa Soros
  • Lucas Ferreira
  • M Charity
  • Markus Eger
  • Matthew Barthet
  • Matthew Guzdial
  • Phil Lopes
  • Rafael Bidarra
  • Raluca Gaina
  • Riemer Rozen
  • Roger Crawfis
  • Ruben Smelik
  • Sam Snodgrass
  • Seth Cooper
  • Vadim Bulitko
  • Younès Rabii

Steering Committee

The PCG workshop has a long-standing tradition for rotating its organizers in order to ensure that a bigger part of the community is engaged and represented. The PCG workshop steering committee tries to make sure that this rotation is successful every year. The steering committee consists of: Rafael Bidarra, Kate Compton, Antonios Liapis, Jialin Liu, Julian Togelius, Jim Whitehead. We would like to thank Mike Cook, Gillian Smith for serving in the steering committee for years. If you want to get in touch with the steering committee, send an e-mail at steering@pcgworkshop.com.